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U.S. hotel guests’ lack of demand for mobile wallets and alternative payment methods have made them less than cost effective for hoteliers.


A recent survey claims consumers don’t trust sharing-economy services, particularly lodging.


Blockchain technology is poised to create a major disruption in the loyalty space by radically reducing friction and frustration when creating, redeeming or exchanging points.

HNNTech Pulse

This month’s roundup of news from the technology sector includes: new sharing-economy concierge; lower rates to battle OTAs; and more. 


With millennials and Gen Xers now dominating business travel, hoteliers are working to keep both their facilities and services current with a rapidly shifting guest demographic.

Some major hotel companies have announced reduced room rates for loyalty program members, and discussion during first-quarter earnings calls turned to the fight against OTAs for direct bookings. 

Expedia and TripAdvisor are offering to list new low pricing for loyalty members on their sites. But can they really be that kind?