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Mobile devices like smartphones are ranked as the most important travel accessory, and potential guests use them to book travel in various situations, according to data from


Tech experts gave HNN a rundown of what hoteliers need to know about the installation of fiber-to-the-room cables.


Think the OTAs have it in for you? Think again. On the contrary, you can learn useful revenue strategies from them to help rebalance the competition. 

HNNTech Pulse

This month’s roundup of news from the technology sector includes how hoteliers are using Snapchat and Instagram; more hotel data breach developments and more.


If the number of hotel data breaches in 2015 is any indication, hotel brands, owners and management companies have a number of tasks ahead of them to protect themselves and their guests. This special report includes resources for hoteliers on how to secure their systems, prevent attacks and respond when breaches occur. 

In this special report, which will run two pieces of content every other Friday through 23 September, hotel marketing experts discuss the state of social media and the plethora of platforms for engaging guests.

Twitter pros shared advice on the best content and engagement practices for hoteliers and changes affecting the platform as part of HNN’s ongoing Social Media Special Report. 

Including new forms of technology throughout an entire hotel is important when it comes to hosting business travelers.