4 ways a Generation X hotel would be awesome
4 ways a Generation X hotel would be awesome
19 MARCH 2015 6:43 AM
If someone developed a Generation X hotel, that person would make all the money. Here are four reasons why.
I’m not going to lie: This is going to be the most important piece of content you will read on Hotel News Now all year, and probably, ever, anywhere. Why? Simple. It has to do with the eradication of an entire generation. Mine!
There’s no denying that we Gen Xers are already a small group. The Pew Research Center estimates there are only about 65 million of us. That’s less than baby boomers (77 million) and millennials (an estimated 83 million when all is said and done). 
We’re not exactly helping ourselves stand out. A Pew study found that we Gen Xers can’t agree on what makes us stand out. As a result, other generations have gotten a lot more attention than us. This has manifested itself of late in a proliferation of hotels designed for the up-and-coming millennial generation
I’m drawing a line in the sand here. It’s time we few, proud Gen Xers stand up for ourselves and demand a hotel we can call our own. Let’s call it Hotel Rage Against the Millennial. It’s a privilege for me to lead this charge! And with that in mind, please allow me to present the following four awesome ways a hotel designed for Generation X would kick a millennial hotel right in the RevPARs.
1. We are loyal
Millennials are famously fickle with their loyalty. You can gain that loyalty, but it’s going to take a lot of work. And a lot of marketing dollars, too. Well, I just completed an informal survey of all Gen X members present within a 2-foot radius of myself and I can tell you that 100% of the people in my sample couldn’t be more different. If you give us a reason to come back, we will. Plain and simple. Again. And again. And again.  
Think about how much money you could save by targeting Gen X. Why, you could take all that money you saved and put it into having a reliable pool that’s actually open so a dad doesn’t have to explain to a cranky toddler after an eight-hour car ride that the pool he promised her would be open isn’t.
A great pool is one thing, but how else do you create a kick-butt guest experience that will keep us Gen Xers coming back? Great question! For starters …
2. The music will rock
We’ve mentioned before on HNN that hoteliers put a lot of thought into the music that plays in hotels. This is another area where we beat not only millennials but also those pesky baby boomers who are still hanging around. 
Imagine this: You have just spent the better part of the day traveling to an off-site meeting. You’ve been stuck in traffic, had your airline seat kicked by a 4-year-old for the better part of three hours and now you just remembered you forgot to grab the jump drive on which you put your presentation. You’re angry. Do you know what would push me over the edge in that situation? Hearing a millennial sing about various things she might or might need to shake.
This is going to sound counterintuitive, but stay with me: Do you know what would actually relax me at this point? If “Killing in the Name” came on over the sound system. When life has you down, there’s nothing quite like Gen X music to make you feel whole again. Why? Because our generation knows what it’s like to get beat up every day, and so we tailored our music to channel those frustrations. In short, angry music; happy guests. Ask anyone who agrees with me, and they’ll tell you the same thing.
3. There will be closets
A few months ago I wrote a blog asking why it is that millennial-designed hotels are often built without closets. Millennial reader “Marisa P.” responded with the following: 
“I am constantly overstimulated and feel like a browser with 123 tabs open and running at one time, which makes me somewhat forgetful. When I stay in a hotel I want to see my stuff out in the open so that when I am rushing out the door to check out I don't by accidentally leave things behind. The same holds true for not wanting drawers in the bathroom but rather shelve's to put my things on, again to be out in the open on display. Hope this helps!”
No, Marisa, it does not. Why should the rest of us pay just because your generation has the attention span of an amnesiac goldfish? 
4. A Gen X hotel would increase GDP
I’ve heard over and over that developers today desperately want an active lobby. People want to be with others while being by themselves. In other words, they want to people watch.
Do you know what Gen X wants to do? Work. I’m not saying millennials aren’t hard-working in their way. But Gen Xers, as this Forbes article points out, are “structured and punctual and linear.” In other words, we view the lobby not as a social gathering place, but as that thing you pass through on your way to the elevator to get down to work.
If you devoted an entire hotel to this noble, hard-working generation think about how much productivity would increase. And as a result, global gross domestic products would increase. I don’t think I’m overselling it by saying Generation X could save the global economy.
So there you have it. Four rock-solid reasons why Generation X needs a place to call its own. For a generation that has given the world so much (Beck, Keanu Reeves, Janeane Garofalo), we deserve at least that much.
Tweet of the week
I am going to add one insane prediction to the list of 15 that I gave previously. Someone in the hotel industry is going to acquire a sharing-economy company.
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  • Suzanne March 19, 2015 7:55 AM

    I love it! I'm one of the few & proud Xers.

  • Justin March 20, 2015 10:47 AM

    Much appreciated Shawn, from a fellow GenXer.

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