Hey, hoteliers, it's time to brag! Tell us what you do best, and how you do it, and there's a good chance we'll share it with all of our readers inside the industry as part of a special report on Best Practices, to publish in November for distribution at hotel industry conferences.

We want to know your best practices for everything from housekeeping to hiring, from booking groups at your hotel to negotiating a management contract – and everything in between. Do you have a sure-fire approach to rolling out seasonal F&B menus at your hotel restaurant? Do you have a proven formula for incorporating local aesthetics and elements through design? What’s your M.O. for revenue managing around big events, or maximizing profits from your rooftop bar? We want to hear them! Hotel News Now is compiling best practices in hotel ownership, operations, management and distribution for a special report which will launch in November. We’ll take the best of your best, throw in some we’ve discovered on our own and share them all with HNN’s readership of hoteliers around the world.

Submit your best practices using the form below. Have a photo that illustrates your best practice? There's a way to share that, too. 

For the purposes of this project, we ask you to not mention specific vendor companies in your responses, and we will not accept submissions from hotel industry vendors.

Not all best practice submissions will be published, but we will contact you if we would like to include your submission in publication.

Submissions will be accepted through 1 October.

If you have a question, comment or suggestion on this project, send it to us at bestpractices@hotelnewsnow.com

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